Delivery Information


For AeroTech Products
We have multiple AeroTech products in stock and also hold Quarterly Presales where customers can order the majority of the AeroTech catalogue. Our next presale is on the 15th of June. If you are in NSW, ACT, Victoria, or QLD, we can deliver these products to your launch site.

Motors Delivery

Endeavour has set up delivery options with NSWRA, CRG, VRA, and QRS to make receiving motors as simple as possible.

Receiving motors in NSW

We deliver to every NSWRA-organised launch. If you select delivery to the NSWRA at checkout, rest assured that we can deliver your products to the upcoming Whalan or Mullaley launches.

Receiving motors in other states 

Endeavour makes quarterly deliveries to CRG, VRA, and QRS launches, which align with our Quarterly AeroTech orders. Our next set of deliveries to these states is predicted to be in late July or early August. These predicted Quarterly Deliveries can be found on the calendar on our home page. We will send our customers a notice at least one week prior to delivery through our Facebook page, subscriber mailing list, or coordination with the state's rocketry association, who will notify their members.

Have Questions? 

No worries! Please contact us. You can find our contact details on the contact page