Collection: AeroTech Products

Discover our selected range of AeroTech Model Rocket Motors. Our collection includes single-use and reloadable options, catering to a variety of launch preferences and technical demands. Complementing these motors, we offer a selection of hardware for 29mm and 38mm systems, featuring essential delay adjustment tools and case spacers to enhance your model rocketry experience. Ideal for Rocketeers of all skill levels, our AeroTech offerings are designed to deliver performance and reliability.

Don’t have a Hardware set for the Reload you bought?

No need to worry! Endeavour Aerospace will be at every High Powered Launch in NSW, ACT and Victoria from-April onwards and will have rental hardware sets available for attendees. This means for $30 per hardware set use you will be able to rent out our:

*Rentals only available for Endeavour Customers*