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Pro54® 5 Grain 2010-K675-18A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro54® 5 Grain 2010-K675-18A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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Cesaroni Technology's Pro54® 2010-K675-18A motor is crafted for those who demand peak performance in rocketry. This reloadable motor delivers an incredible total impulse of 2010 Ns, ensuring your rocket has the energy required to reach ambitious heights. The Skidmark propellant type is selected for its ability to provide a visually striking display, marked by its characteristic trail of sparks, enhancing the overall spectacle of the launch. With a maximum thrust of 992 N and a burn time of 3.00 seconds, the Pro54® 2010-K675-18A motor is ideal for hobbyists and professionals who want a prolonged and powerful ascent, paired with the dramatic flair of Skidmark.

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Compatible Cases

P54-6GXL (54mm XL spacer + 54mm spacer)

P54-6G (54mm spacer)



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