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Pro98® 6 Grain 11077-N2600-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro98® 6 Grain 11077-N2600-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro98® 11077-N2600-P from Cesaroni Technology is an apex predator in the world of rocketry, an absolute powerhouse designed for those who leave nothing to chance when it comes to rocket motor performance. This reloadable motor blasts out an incredible total impulse of 11077 Ns, setting a new standard for high-powered launches. The Skidmark propellant adds not just raw power with a maximum thrust of 3047 N but also a visually arresting display, characterised by its bright flash and dense smoke, enhancing both the spectacle and the force of your rocket's ascent. With a generous burn time of 4.30 seconds, the Pro98® 11077-N2600-P motor is the motor of choice for those who need their projects to soar to great heights with a commanding presence in the sky. This motor is for the rocketeer who seeks the thrill of powerful, long, and unforgettable launches.

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P98-6GXL (98mm XL spacer)



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