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Pro29® 1 Grain 41-F36-11A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro29® 1 Grain 41-F36-11A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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Unleash the power of Cesaroni Technology's Pro29® 41-F36-11A for your rocketry adventures. This reloadable motor, with its robust 41 Ns total impulse and a maximum thrust of 71 N, is perfect for those seeking a balance of performance and spectacle. The Smokey Sam propellant type not only provides the force needed for impressive lift-offs but also adds a dramatic flair to your launches. With a versatile range of delays tested and a 1.07-second burn time, the Pro29® 41-F36-11A motor offers reliability and customisation for your flights, ensuring a standout performance every time.

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Compatible Cases

P29-3G (2 29mm Spacers)

P29-2G (29mm Spacer)



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