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Pro54® 6XL Grain 2304-K815-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro54® 6XL Grain 2304-K815-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro54® 2304-K815-P motor by Cesaroni Technology, a standout in the Pro54® line, offers exceptional features for high-power rocketry. Introduced in 2002, it revolutionised the 54mm reloadable category with its vernier adjustable delay tool, allowing precise timing adjustments up to 10 seconds. This motor, ideal for a range of applications from I to L class, boasts a total impulse of 2304 Ns, a maximum thrust of 1245 N, and a burn time of 2.80 seconds with the distinctive Skidmark propellant. Its reliable ignition system makes it perfect for clusters and upper stages, solidifying its position as a top choice for diverse rocketry needs.

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