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Pro54® 4 Grain 1412-K530-16A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro54® 4 Grain 1412-K530-16A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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Cesaroni Technology's Pro54® 1412-K530-16A motor is an exceptional powerhouse for rocketry, providing a blend of prolonged burn and substantial thrust. With a total impulse of 1412 Ns, it is capable of boosting rockets to remarkable altitudes. The Smoky Sam propellant type adds a dramatic element to each launch, with its signature dense smoke trail that enhances the visibility and spectacle of the ascent. A maximum thrust of 596 N ensures that your rocket gets off the pad quickly and continues with a strong push throughout the 2.70-second burn time. The Pro54® 1412-K530-16A motor is designed for those who are serious about their rocketry, offering the performance needed for high-caliber flights.

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Compatible Cases

P54-6G (Two 54mm spacers)

P54-5G (54mm spacer)



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