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Pro29® 3 Grain 138-G106-14A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro29® 3 Grain 138-G106-14A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro29® 138-G106-14A motor from Cesaroni Technology is the quintessential choice for rocket enthusiasts aiming to maximise their launch experience. This reloadable powerhouse, with a remarkable total impulse of 138 Ns and a formidable maximum thrust of 129 N, ensures your rocket's swift and assertive rise into the firmament. The Skidmark propellant ignites to deliver not only a forceful push but also a visually arresting display, characterised by its intense spark trails over a 1.31-second burn. Ideal for those who seek a blend of dramatic visuals and raw thrust performance, the Pro29® 138-G106-14A is engineered to impress.

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Compatible Cases

P29-5G (Two 29mm Spacers)

P29-4G (29mm Spacer)



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