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Pro38® 5 Grain 634-I540-16A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro38® 5 Grain 634-I540-16A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro38® 634-I540-16A motor from Cesaroni Technology is a behemoth in the field of rocket propulsion, specifically tailored for those who seek to achieve the highest levels of performance. Delivering an awe-inspiring 634 Ns total impulse, this reloadable motor will propel your rocket with unmatched force. The White Thunder propellant provides a spectacularly bright and vigorous exhaust, enhancing the launch experience with both power and a visual show. With a maximum thrust of 627 N achieved in a brief 1.18-second burn time, the Pro38® 634-I540-16A motor is engineered for rocket enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on power or spectacle.

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Compatible Cases

P38-6GXL (38mm XL spacer + 38mm spacer)

P38-6G (38mm spacer)



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