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Pro38® 2 Grain 232-H123-14A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro38® 2 Grain 232-H123-14A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro38® 232-H123-14A from Cesaroni Technology is a high-caliber, reloadable rocket motor designed to elevate your rocketry experience. Delivering a substantial total impulse of 232 Ns, it ensures that your rocket makes a bold statement upon liftoff. The motor's peak thrust of 151 N, coupled with the distinctive Skidmark propellant, creates a stunning visual effect with a trail of sparks that command attention. With a prolonged 1.90-second burn time, the Pro38® 232-H123-14A provides a long and powerful ascent, making it ideal for rocket enthusiasts who want a blend of sustained power and visual drama in their flights.

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Compatible Cases

P38-4G (2 38mm spacers)

P38-3G (38mm spacer)



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