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AeroTech Enerjet F67-4W - 2 Single Use Model Rocket Motor Pack

AeroTech Enerjet F67-4W - 2 Single Use Model Rocket Motor Pack

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The AeroTech Enerjet F67-4W, comprises advanced, single-use composite propellant model rocket motors, designed for mid-power rocketry enthusiasts. These motors are engineered with a state-of-the-art composite propellant, the same type utilised in illustrious space missions and defence applications, including the Space Shuttle Boosters, various military missiles, sounding rockets, and the upcoming NASA SLS lunar missions. AeroTech's commitment to innovation is evident in their use of a patented high-strength polymer for the motor case and bulkhead, ensuring durability and safety. The motors are equipped with a robust polymer nozzle and feature AeroTech's exclusive White Lightning™ propellant formula. This aerospace-grade composite propellant is celebrated for its brilliant white flame, dense smoke, and resonant roar, providing both visual and auditory spectacle during rocket launches. The Enerjet F67-4W motors are a testament to AeroTech's dedication to advancing rocket motor technology, delivering both reliability and performance for model rocket enthusiasts.

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