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Pro98® 4 Grain 8088-M1790-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro98® 4 Grain 8088-M1790-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro98® 8088-M1790-P motor by Cesaroni Technology is a pinnacle of rocket motor craftsmanship, delivering performance that's as impressive in power as it is in duration. This reloadable motor, with its staggering total impulse of 8088 Ns, is designed for those who take rocketry to its limits. The Skidmark propellant type provides not just an aggressive thrust of 2095 N but also an extraordinary visual spectacle with its hallmark bright sparks and dense smoke trail. The substantial burn time of 4.50 seconds ensures your rocket has a prolonged and forceful ascent. The Pro98® 8088-M1790-P is tailored for rocket enthusiasts who demand the best in thrust, flight visibility, and reliability, backed by Cesaroni's reputation for quality and innovation in rocket motor technology. Whether you're a hobbyist looking to make a statement in the sky or a professional in the field of aerospace, this motor is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

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Compatible Cases

P98-6G (Two 98mm spacers)


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