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Pro75® 6 Grain 5933-M1770-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro75® 6 Grain 5933-M1770-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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Cesaroni Technology's Pro75® 5933-M1770-P motor is a tour de force in the rocket motor arena, designed for the rocketeer who seeks both exceptional thrust and the spectacle of flight. This reloadable motor boasts an immense total impulse of 5933 Ns, ensuring your rocket's ascent is both powerful and sustained. The Skidmark propellant is celebrated for its brilliant display of sparks, creating a trail that is as visually impressive as it is iconic. With a maximum thrust of 2193 N and a burn time of 3.30 seconds, the Pro75® 5933-M1770-P motor is engineered to deliver a long, commanding burn, propelling rockets to extraordinary altitudes with reliability and style. This motor is a superb choice for high-power rocketry enthusiasts who demand the best in performance and cross-brand compatibility.

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