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Pro98® 6XL Grain 14263-N3400-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro98® 6XL Grain 14263-N3400-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro98® 14263-N3400-P motor, the pinnacle of Cesaroni Technology's Pro98® line, is designed for the rocketeer who seeks the ultimate in power and performance. As the most formidable motor in the lineup, it delivers an extraordinary total impulse of 14263 Ns, capable of powering the most ambitious rockets to incredible altitudes. The Skidmark propellant type ensures this motor not only provides intense thrust, peaking at 3741 N, but also adds a dramatic visual display with its signature spark trail, making every launch an event to remember. With a substantial burn time of 4.20 seconds, this motor is perfect for those who require a long and sustained push to carry large payloads or to achieve significant altitude records. The Pro98® 14263-N3400-P stands as a testament to Cesaroni's leadership in the field, offering unparalleled performance for the most demanding of launches.

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