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Pro75® 3 Grain 2946-L820-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro75® 3 Grain 2946-L820-P Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro75® 2946-L820-P motor from Cesaroni Technology is an exceptional choice for rocket enthusiasts seeking a high-performance launch experience. This reloadable motor delivers a robust total impulse of 2946 Ns, making it a solid choice for a variety of rocketry applications. The Skid Mark propellant provides not only a powerful maximum thrust of 983 N but also creates a spectacular visual effect with its signature trail, enhancing the spectacle of each launch. With a burn time of 3.6 seconds, the Pro75® 2946-L820-P motor provides a long and steady ascent, ensuring your rocket achieves the desired altitude with consistent thrust. This motor is ideal for hobbyists and professionals alike who require reliable and substantial power for their projects, along with the ease of use provided by Cesaroni's user-friendly design and cross-brand compatibility.

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Compatible Cases

P75-5G (Two 75mm spacers)

P75-4G (75mm spacer)



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