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Pro54® 6 Grain 2372-K1440-17A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro54® 6 Grain 2372-K1440-17A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro54® 2372-K1440-17A motor from Cesaroni Technology is a pinnacle of rocket motor innovation, designed for elite rocketry enthusiasts who require the utmost in power. With a thunderous total impulse of 2372 Ns, this reloadable motor is capable of propelling rockets to exceptional altitudes and velocities. The White Thunder propellant provides a fierce and clean burn, achieving a remarkable maximum thrust of 1828 N. This motor ensures a rapid ascent with a burn time of 1.70 seconds, making it perfect for high-stakes launches where every second counts. The Pro54® 2372-K1440-17A is the motor of choice for those who want to push the envelope of high-power rocket performance.

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P54-6GXL (54mm XL spacer)



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