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Pro54® 5 Grain 1750-K650-16A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro54® 5 Grain 1750-K650-16A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro54® 1750-K650-16A from Cesaroni Technology is a testament to the power and engineering excellence synonymous with the Cesaroni brand. This reloadable motor is a giant in the field, boasting an impressive total impulse of 1750 Ns, ensuring that your rocket achieves maximum altitude and performance. The Smoky Sam propellant type is known for its reliable and consistent burn, providing not just power but also a thick smoke trail that accentuates the rocket's trajectory. With a peak thrust of 729 N and a substantial burn time of 2.66 seconds, the Pro54® 1750-K650-16A motor is designed for rocket enthusiasts who demand the very best in terms of thrust, duration, and visibility for their high-powered flights.

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Compatible Cases

P54-6GXL (54mm XL spacer + 54mm spacer)

P54-6G (54mm spacer)



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