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Pro54® 4 Grain 1633-K940-18A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro54® 4 Grain 1633-K940-18A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro54® 1633-K940-18A motor by Cesaroni Technology represents the zenith of rocket motor engineering, offering unparalleled thrust for the most demanding of rocketry applications. This reloadable motor generates a colossal total impulse of 1633 Ns, providing your rocket with the ultimate lift needed to reach ambitious heights. The White Thunder propellant type guarantees a forceful and clean burn, peaking at an impressive thrust of 1121 N. With a burn time of 1.80 seconds, the Pro54® 1633-K940-18A motor is perfect for those who require not only the highest levels of power but also the reliability and quality that Cesaroni Technology is known for. Whether for competitive launches or significant experimental endeavors, this motor stands as a giant among rocket propulsion options.

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Compatible Cases

P54-6G (Two 54mm spacers)

P54-5G (54mm spacers)


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