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Pro54® 3 Grain 1266-J760-19A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro54® 3 Grain 1266-J760-19A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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Cesaroni Technology's Pro54® 1266-J760-19A motor is a true powerhouse in the realm of high-power rocketry, offering an exceptional thrust that's ideal for enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in performance. With a colossal total impulse of 1266 Ns, this reloadable motor is designed to propel rockets to new heights with unmatched energy. The White Thunder propellant type ensures a vigorous launch with a peak thrust of 939 N, resulting in a swift and forceful ascent over a burn time of 1.70 seconds. Whether for competitive launches or awe-inspiring demonstrations, the Pro54® 1266-J760-19A motor is the go-to for achieving remarkable performance and reliability.

Technical Specifications


What is included 

Compatible Spacers

P54-5G (Two 54mm spacers)

P54-4G (54mm spacer)



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