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Pro38® 6 Grain 660-J381-15A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro38® 6 Grain 660-J381-15A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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The Pro38® 660-J381-15A motor by Cesaroni Technology is a titan among rocket motors, offering enthusiasts a combination of advanced thrust capabilities and spectacular visual effects. This reloadable motor boasts an impressive total impulse of 660 Ns, capable of propelling rockets to significant heights with ease. The Skidmark propellant type is renowned for its brilliant trails of sparks, adding an extraordinary visual dimension to the motor's raw power. With a peak thrust of 503 N and a burn time of 1.73 seconds, the Pro38® 660-J381-15A motor is the choice for serious rocketeers who demand the best in both performance and showmanship from their launches.

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P38-6GXL (38mm XL spacer)


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