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Pro29® 6 Grain 253-H295-13A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

Pro29® 6 Grain 253-H295-13A Cesaroni Model Rocket Motor

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For rocketry enthusiasts seeking a blend of intense power and showmanship, Cesaroni Technology's Pro29® 253-H295-13A motor stands out. It boasts a substantial total impulse of 253 Ns and a towering maximum thrust of 360 N, designed to launch rockets rapidly and assertively. The Smokey Sam propellant ensures that each launch is not just powerful but also visually stunning, with a characteristic smoke effect. The motor's brief 0.85-second burn time is perfect for those who enjoy a quick, forceful, and spectacular ascent. This motor is a testament to Cesaroni's commitment to delivering high-quality and high-thrill rocketry components.

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