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AeroTech Enerjet G74-4W - 2 Single Use Model Rocket Motor Pack

AeroTech Enerjet G74-4W - 2 Single Use Model Rocket Motor Pack

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The AeroTech Enerjet G74-4W symbolises a remarkable feat in model rocket motor design, tailored for mid-power rocket enthusiasts. This 2-pack of single-use composite propellant motors encapsulates AeroTech's commitment to high performance and reliability. Each G74-4W motor is infused with a cutting-edge composite propellant, belonging to the same distinguished family of solid propellants used in NASA’s Space Shuttle Boosters, a range of military missiles, sounding rockets, and the eagerly anticipated NASA SLS moon missions. These motors stand out due to their innovative design, featuring a patent-pending high-strength polymer case and bulkhead, and a robust polymer nozzle. AeroTech's exclusive White Lightning™ aerospace-grade composite propellant formulation is a key attribute, acclaimed for producing an intense, bright white flame, substantial smoke, and a deep, resonant roar. This combination not only ensures efficient propulsion but also enhances the visual and auditory spectacle of model rocket launches. The Enerjet G74-4W motors embody the spirit of advanced rocketry, offering a blend of power, precision, and awe-inspiring performance for rocketry aficionados.

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